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Kliks offfers a variety of features to make digital interactions with people easier, and in-person networking the ultimate success.

Close Friendships

Making close friends goes beyond similar hobbies, so you have flexibility in entering and leaving events

Take event planning mobile

Kliks is your best friend when it comes to finding things to do, and awesome people to do them with.

Level up your Jenga

Yeah, there are people for that! Join Kliks and find the friends you're looking for.


Create an event without risking the time investment. Join events with flexibility in mind.

Don't take our word for it!

Jesse Davies

"Before Kliks, I was just one of the many people aimlessly looking for companionship. Thanks to Kliks' smart event-matching system, I've found close friends with interests like my own."

Logan Adams

"Kliks has given me a way to connect with the people I've been looking for. Heck, there's no better way to learn pool than by meeting a hobbiest!"

Sydney Thomas

"Event planning was never my thing. I liked meeting people but figuring out the who/what/where was too much. Then I found Kliks - problem solved. Thanks Kliks!"

Be the first to know when we launch

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